Dec 30, 2009

WoE Limited Edition Outfit

Brought to us by Luna Jubilee and Express Zenovka, the pair behind the Shopaholic Feeds, SL Daily Deals will showcase each day one discounted item that is in limited quantity. Every day, a new product will be showcased and be available through a special vendor at a discount for a limited number of purchases.

Today, WoE has brought you a Limited Edition outfit! This is a special release for the new Graecyn Lowrise Jeans & Lucca Sweater. The pattern and colors will not be sold again. There are only 150 of these that will be sold, and after that they will be retired. Add to this the Wedjat Tattoo for a complete WoE look!


With only 150 of these at L$ 400 for the complete outfit, they are sure to go fast! Come and pick yours up before they are all gone for good!

You will find them right up front at WoE.

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