Feb 20, 2009

New Boyfriend Jeans

Girls, after all the hunts I know you must be tired and would love nothing more than to just laze around this weekend with that special someone. What better way to get comfortable than in a pair of your boyfriends jeans!

Available in His and Hers, these new jeans are the perfect thing to spend the weekend in. Girls, if you want to buy a pair for yourself and a pair for your boyfriend, you can do that - just buy the His to go with your Hers and then send it directly along to him.

Based off of the popular Lucas Oxide Jeans, they both have rolled up legs. They are available as the jeans only, or with a brown graphic t-shit for the guys and a matching (unreleased) brown WoE tank for the for the girls.

(Jeans and Tops)

(Jeans Only)

(Jeans Only)

Available at the main WoE location, you will find them in the front of the store. While you are there don't forget to pic up your gifts from the Vain Kissed Hunt and the Greatest Love Hunt!

Feb 11, 2009

WoE @ Festival of Hearts

WoE is participating in the Festival of Hearts event at LVS Drive!!!

Yes, another hunt! LVS Drive is having a Festival of Hearts event now thru Valentine's Day. You'll find Dollarbie valentines hidden thruout the various shops there, including WoE!!!

For a sneak peek of what you'l find there, here is a pic of the Heart Shrug and T.

Don't forget, to visit the WoE main store for more great items, including the Vain Kissed Hunt gift and the Greatest Love Hunt Gift.

Feb 6, 2009

Get Kissed by WoE

WoE is participating in the Vain Inc Kissed Hunt, beginning Friday Feb 6 at Noon SLT. You'll find the Kissed gift hidden at the WoE store . In it, you'll find the new Adara Corset, in the new Kissed color, as well as the very popular Caela Skinny Jeans in Lead. You will also be able to find the Starter LM at WoE, for your convenience, simply click the Kissed hunt sign located outside, so that you may do the hunt from the beginning if you wish. Happy Hunting!