Jan 31, 2009

Corsets, a few Corsets and a Corset...

Corsets, a few Corsets and a Corset. Oh, and I almost forgot, I made a few Corsets!

Yes - 10 in all! 10 different colors, and if you were not hungry before you will be for these! We have Mustard, Thistle, Fig, Sage, Curry, Cinnamon, Maple, Saffron, Bordeaux and Wineberry

Jan 19, 2009

Something For The Guys!

Finally, I have some new things for the guys! I have added a new color to the popular Lucas jeans - Oxide. This color is complimentary to the Oxide Caela jeans for girls and has a new inked graphic on the leg. The jeans are loos fit, wide leg and come with a pair of WoE wool socks and the WoE Mens Studded Belt.

WoE GRJ-M3f Lucas Jeans - Oxide Wash

WoE GR-9 Skull T-Shirt

Caela Jeans

Finally after anticipation and patience, I have finished the Caela Jeans!

These jeans come in Skinny fit, Flair leg, and an all new Capri! Each color - Oxide, Moss, Lead and Rust - come with all three styles plus each come with accent beading on the design on the thigh.

These are sure to be your favorite jeans in SL and in RL!

WoE GRJ-F5a Caela Jeans - Oxide

WoE GRJ-F5b Caela Jeans - Moss

WoE GRJ-F5a Caela Jeans - Lead

WoE GRJ-F5a Caela Jeans - Rust