Dec 22, 2009

WoE Exploded

Well, while in the process of a sim move, the new landlord of the old sim thought he was an electrician as well. It turns out that some wires got crossed and the whole sim exploded! Now that I have wiped the dirt off of my face, I see that there is nothing left...

The new location for WoE will be open this week - and I promise to have some goodies for everyone - but in the meantime you can still get new WoE at WoE at Exodi (beautiful new sim), at WoE at Fusion Crossing (what a cool shopping area) or you can visit the new WoE Warehouse at Sn@tch City (need I say more)!

Don't forget to check back here for the location of the new WoE store - you will not be sorry!

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