Nov 18, 2009

Hump Day Happiness @ WoE Week 2

It's Hump Day Happiness time again!!!! This week at WoE -- a special treat, the Boyfriend jeans in Oxide!! You'll find it right up front, don't miss this change to get a great pair of WoE jeans at this great price.

Week 2 Participating stores - Make sure to visit all of this weeks participating stores for more great 69L deals!
Moxie Polanos Haute Couture
~*Crossroad Dreams*~
Ticky Tacky
Deviant Kitties
La Petite Morte

Nov 15, 2009

New WoE Ink - Wedjat

Now that you have been teased with some WoE Ink, a sexy new tatt is released for the guys and the girls this week! Today's tattoo, Wedjat, is available on all layers and in three tones (light, medium & dark). The Wedjat represents the Horus or evil eye, which protected ancient Egyptians during travel , both in the present and the afterlife.

WoE TAT-04 Wedjat Ink

Right beside the furniture at WoE... and DON'T FORGET that you can buy them for gifts and transfer the box directly to your friends.

Nov 10, 2009

69L Hump Day - Week 1 - Nov 11, 2009

Because we all need a little extra something to get us over the midweek hump...

69L Hump Day Happiness brings you select stores participating by setting out new or existing stock items and pricing them at 69L. It may be something new, created especially for this event, or it may be a part of something already in the store, or it may be a sneak peak at a new item. Whatever it is, it will be an item priced at this special sale price for that Wednesday only, from Midnight (Wednesday AM) - Midnight (Wednesday PM) SLT.

Because we all want to see how everyone got lucky with their Hump Day Happiness shopping...

We'd love to see your purchases up on Flickr!!! Join the Flickr group and give us all a peek at your Hump Day Happiness finds!

This week the participating stores are:

Moxie Polanos Haute Couture

Be sure to watch again next week for an even bigger list of participating vendors :D You just never know what will come up on Hump Day!

Nov 2, 2009

Ellee Twain

Just in time to kick off November, the long anticipated Ellee Jeans have arrived! It just gets better and better! You'll find the Ellee Twains now available at WoE, in a wide palette of colors. The Ellee Twains is a two-toned denim jeans, with even wonderful detailing and color range.

Colors available are Steel, Rust, Autumn, Oxide, Oil, Midnight, Lapis, Dusk, Clay and Frost. They come as singles, in two different 5 Paks and a Fat Pak.

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Steel

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Rust

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Autumn

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Oxide

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Oil

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Midnight

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Lapis

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Dusk

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Clay

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain 5 Pack

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain Frost

WoE GRJ-F7T Ellee Twain 5 Pack

click the pics for larger view

As always - right up front at WoE... and DON'T FORGET that you can buy them for gifts and transfer the box directly to your friends.