Mar 29, 2009

WoE @ Sugar Mill Sample Pack

WoE @ Sugar Mill Sample Pack
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That's right! We have a special pack with a pose from Sugar Mill, a hair from Audacity and a special limited edition Sugar Mill Tank from WoE - all for $L50. No, these are not demos, they are the real thing. It is just our way of giving back and a way to introduce you to our friends if you do not know them already.

This pack is only there for a limited time so you should hurry and pick it up now before it is gone! You can find it at WoE @ The Streets of Sugar Mill .

WoE has a store at Sugar Mill? Yes we do... and that is the only place you will find this limited edition tank, hair and pose sample pack.

WoE @ The Streets of Sugar Mill

Mar 28, 2009

Do The Bunny Hop @ WoE

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Hop on in to WoE for The Bunny Hop Hunt!!!! WoE is participating in The Grid Wide Bunny Hop Hunt, happening now thru April 19, 2009. As always, you'll find a great outfit you will not want to be without this spring. The outfit includes a hot new color of the popular boyfriend jeans, as well as a green dragon tee!! And, to make it even more exciting, you get both His and Hers options!

Mar 24, 2009

New @ WoE - A Wardrobe Staple

New at WoE this week are the Leah Cami Tanks. It's kind of a Cami, kind of a Tank, and comes in six very touchable colors with a very slight graphic on the front. They include all layer options, so you'll want them all for all the possibilities.

Also, dont forget to pick up the Random Hunt flower if you haven' ends soon. You'll also find the WoE RFL Jeans at the main location...stop in and make your donation to get these Limited Edition jeans.

Mar 16, 2009

WoE @ RFL Clothing Fair 2009

RFL Clothing Fair 2009 opened today, and WoE is participating!!! You'll find the WoE booth on Sim 1, filled with a sampling of WoE style for him and for her.

You'll also find the WoE RFL Limited Edition Beaded Jeans created just for RFL at the booth. They wont be available forever, so make sure to come by and get them while you can. All proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Beaded Jeans go towards RFL, so it is a great opportunity to give back, while getting a very special pair of WoEness as your thank you.

The Clothing Fair runs thru this week, ending Sunday the 22nd of March, so get over there soon. Remember to be lag concious and dress lightly, turn down your graphics, and have fun exploring all 8 sims after your WoE Booth visit.

Mar 10, 2009

Most Random Hunt Ever Gift @ WoE

WoE is happy to be participating in the MRHE. The Random gift includes something for the guys, and the girls too.

Stop in soon and find the WoE Flower...#44...and don't forget Audacity's MRHE gift...#45, just next door, while you are here. They will be available thru April 1.