Mar 30, 2010

Hunt No More...

I am sad to say that I, through no decision of my own, have been removed from the "Just For The Girls" Hunt that was scheduled to begin on April 1. I would like to personally apologize to everyone that was looking forward to coming to :. WoE .: as the host store and seeing what I have created for this hunt. As a show of my gratitude to all the customers that have supported me and to those that were looking forward to this hunt and experiencing WoE for the first time, I will be still be giving items away.

For the duration of the hunt, for the girls, I will be giving away a pair of the popular Ellee Twain Jeans, two of the Leah Cami Tanks and the Christa Shrug. These will be free for everyone, no group to join, no item to search for, no hoops to jump through.

Also, so that I do not leave anyone out, I will be setting something out for the guys! I will be giving away a pair of the new, unannounced, Warehouse Jeans for the guys along with one of the new Braylon Sweaters!

In addition, there will be a special gift from Exodi as well that is set out just at :. WoE .: so stay tuned.

I hope everyone enjoys the presents as :. WoE .: gives back to all of you. Thank you for your continued support! Enjoy.

Mar 19, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater...

In stores now, the Braylon Striped Sweater! Comfortable worn cotton with rolled up sleeves, this sweater come in 6 colors: Blue, Charcoal, Dirt, Green, Maroon and Steel. It is made for the guys, but it looks even better on the girls. And just for the girls, you can wear it with rolled up sleeves or longer stretched sleeves - perfect for early Spring.

Braylon Striped Sweater

For sale individually or in a Fat Pak, the Fat Paks are in the crates and bags aroud the display.

These are currently available at the WoE main store location.

Mar 5, 2010

New Stuff at :. WoE .:

Or as put by someone else...
"Hey, there's stuff you want here. Come buy it. Now." - Alicia Chenaux

First up is Becky - Boyshorts, a two-tone String Tank, a thin White Tank for wearing under it and a pair of Rumpled Socks all together in the set and in 7 colors.

Becky Outfit

Next is the Graecyn Outfit. Centered around two new Graecyn Jeans. The jeans are low rise and in Stormy or Charcoal. The sets include Graecyn Jeans, The Lucca Sweater, a pair of Arm Socks and a matching pair of Rumpled Ankle Warmers.

The Sweater, Arm Socks, Ankle Warmer sets are available in 10 different colors or are paired with one of the two Graecyn Jeans.

Graecyn Charcoal Outfit

Graecyn Stormy Outfit

These are currently available ONLY at the WoE main store location.