Sep 28, 2009

WoE Faded Jean Vests - New Denim Yumminess

You know WoE has the yummiest demin on the grid and you know you love WoE jeans best! Now....even more WoE denim!! Introducing the WoE Jean Vest for girls!!!

The WoE Jean Vest comes in 6 lucious colors to fit in with your WoE wardrobe and to mix and match with just about anything. As always, available on all layers for easy wear. (A tip from Catty - I love them over the Lise plain tanks, tucked in option, for even more looks!!)

As always - right up front at WoE Main Store... and DON'T FORGET that you can buy them for gifts and transfer the box directly to your friends.

Sep 19, 2009

Wear Grey for a Day - Brain Cancer Awareness Day

September 18, 2009 is the day to Wear Gray for a Day - Many designers have teamed up to raise Brain Cancer Awareness and have created exclusive items just for this event. 50-100% of proceeds are being donated to the American Cancer Society. Although Friday the 18th is nearly over, grey is a good color any day, and every day is a good day to raise awareness about this very important issue that has recently taken America's beloved Ted Kennedy from us much too soon, and I know that many SL residents have been personally touched by this disease.





You can find a list of many stores at the official Wear Grey for a Day blog as well as more info on the day. Most stores will be leaving their items out thru September. You can also visit WoE where you can grab an outfit for the guys, and one for the girls, or just a new pair of jeans, created especially for this fund raising event. 100% of all proceeds from the 4 WoE items, through the remainder of September, will be donated.

Sep 4, 2009

New for the Guys - Rising Dragon T's

Something new for the guys. This great new grahic T-shirt has a dragon rising up the left side with Kanji symbols "Rising Dragon" down the back. With six hard colors you should be able to find one for every pair of jeans you own. Or, if you just want to pick one wen you are getting dressed in the morning - they are available in a WoE Fat Pack. Get one or get them all...
As always, you can find them right up front at WoE. Girls, don't forget you can buy them for your guy, just transfer the box directly to them.