Oct 12, 2009

WoE Denim Waist Cinch


Introducing the WoE Denim Waist Cinch for the girls this week. It's cooling down outside but you'll be heating up in WoE's latest denim wardrobe essential. It is available in 6 of the luscious WoE denim shades you've grown to love, and as always, available on all layers for easy wearability. Included with each WoE Denim Waist Cinch are two WoE Ribbed tanks in two new colors for mixing and matching.

WoE UB-01a Denim Waist Cinch - Midnight

WoE UB-01b Denim Waist Cinch - Dusk

WoE UB-01c Denim Waist Cinch - Oil

WoE UB-01d Denim Waist Cinch - Clay

WoE UB-01e Denim Waist Cinch - Steel

WoE UB-01f Denim Waist Cinch - Oxide

Be sure to grab all your favorite colors as well as a pair of Kloe Jeans to match and choose from the Lise tanks for even more great looks.

As always - right up front at WoE... and DON'T FORGET that you can buy them for gifts and transfer the box directly to your friends.

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