Oct 6, 2009

Authorized WoE Sellers

You may have seen the latest "scam" moving through the grid lately regarding an XStreet-like site for purchasing SL products. This is not a legitimate site, and you should not make any purchases from it. This is a blatant phishing scam and the best thing that will result from it is that your Credit Card information will be somewhere in Singapore purchasing black market chewing gum.

We at WoE wish to remind you to only purchase your WoE items from WoE stores in world or through Dick Wiesel on XStreet. Only Dick Wiesel and Catty Loon are authorized to sell genuine WoE merchandise or handle any customer service issues regarding WoE product.

Purchasing from any other means or source may result in failure to deliver product, loss of money/Lindens or inferior/stolen product. We cannot and will not support any purchases not made through us at WoE.

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