May 25, 2009

Through The Looking Glass Hunt and WoE

The TTLG Hunt begins Monday May 25th, and runs thru July 4th, and WoE is participating!!! Once again, WoE has created a fantastic outfit, available only thru this hunt. And of course, it includes a girls version and a guy version too. The Mirror you need to find is out and ready to go if you want to get an early start. You'll find it at the WoE mainstore.

Some have wondered what the Through the Looking-Glass hunt item from WoE has to do with Alice in Wonderland - well, here is the explanation of the symbolism.

The gifts are guys jeans and a graphic T-shirt with Bill the Lizard on the front and "Feed Your Head..." on the back. The girls version that is included are the Boyfriend Fit version of the guys jeans and a girls version of the graphic T-shirt - mirrors of each other (almost) - thus "Through the Looking-Glass" (looking glass - mirror...).

Bill the Lizard, after Alice takes away his pencil, is provided with ink when the Queen spill ink on his face - thus "Feed Your Head...".

"Feed Your Head" is a line from the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit which draws comparisons of hallucinogenic drugs with the imagery found in the fantasy works of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

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