May 20, 2009

Prim Colors Match at WoE

With Linden Labs release of Second Life Viewer - Release Candidate 1.22 the avatar mesh has now been fixed (changed). Previously the avatar mesh had a default grey shade. This caused the textures for clothing to be slightly darker on the avatar then they really were. 

(Note: See JIRA VWR-8012 )

This also caused the clothing texture to be darker than any attached prims with matching textures. To combat this, most prim attachments were tinted grey instead of white - matching the avatar mesh. As of RC 1.22, the avatar mesh is now white and eliminates the need to tint prims so that the tone of the textures match.

We know that not everyone is using the new client. Some of you are using older homebrew version, and others are using 1.21 and up. To this end we have started including two versions of prims in our newest releases. Starting with the new Kloe jeans you will now have both tinted and untinted prims. 

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