May 1, 2010

Copley Square Designer Showcase Exclusive

For the Designer Showcase at Copley Square I have a SIM ONLY excusive of the Olivia Lingerie. This is ONLY at Copley Square and will ONLY be available during the Designers Showcase. After that, it will not be sold again.

Olivia Blueberry Front

The set contains the exclusive color - Blueberry with TWO pair of matching thongs, one Blueberry and one Coffee. Also included are two new colors of Nylons - Blueberry and Coffee as well as the standard Black and Brown.

Olivia Blueberry Back

To add even more, these are being sold at a special discounted price - making this an unbelievable deal! But remember, once this showcase is over, these will never be available again - so get your while you can!

REMEBER: These are only available at Copley Square, at the square in the center by the fountain.

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