Mar 16, 2009

WoE @ RFL Clothing Fair 2009

RFL Clothing Fair 2009 opened today, and WoE is participating!!! You'll find the WoE booth on Sim 1, filled with a sampling of WoE style for him and for her.

You'll also find the WoE RFL Limited Edition Beaded Jeans created just for RFL at the booth. They wont be available forever, so make sure to come by and get them while you can. All proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Beaded Jeans go towards RFL, so it is a great opportunity to give back, while getting a very special pair of WoEness as your thank you.

The Clothing Fair runs thru this week, ending Sunday the 22nd of March, so get over there soon. Remember to be lag concious and dress lightly, turn down your graphics, and have fun exploring all 8 sims after your WoE Booth visit.

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